Future proof your buildings

It’s more important than ever that buildings adapt to the changing world we live in. The pressure for energy management and monitoring is rising along with the need to future-proof buildings to comply with changing legislation.

Our team of technical experts will work with you to get your buildings ready for whatever is next. Whether by remotely monitoring your key assets to mitigate risk or identifying the most appropriate tech for your building, we’re always looking for ways to make your building smarter.

Our technological capabilities

1. Plant monitoring

Being able to proactively and remotely monitor and manage a building’s assets is a powerful benefit of new technologies. We’ll use existing sensors and IOT (internet of things) devices to monitor main plant performance and vital information. Thresholds are set for maximum efficiency and performance. If this threshold is breached, then an automated alert triggers an engineer visit – reducing down time, maximising performance and mitigating risk.

2. Smart Systems Bureau

Using a building’s data and information to make it perform more efficiently is something we’re passionate about. Our in-house team analyse information from both the client and internal systems to identify where energy savings can be made and breakdowns reduced. We then work out a plan on what needs to change in order to meet sustainability goals and drive tenant satisfaction.

3. Air quality monitoring

Air quality is the no.1 priority for anyone working or spending time in a building right now.. Our air quality monitoring systems give you and your tenants the complete assurance needed to confidently and safely get back to work.

4. Internal Software development

Our in house software developers are continually adapting and fine tuning our electronic systems to help our teams to work efficiently and deliver innovative services to our clients. Be it quality electronic reports from our engineers, performance dashboards or real time planned maintenance programmes (PMP) for your budgets, we have it in hand.

Our bespoke operating system

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Let’s make your building smarter today

Email or call us on 0300 373 0569 to see how we can support you.

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