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At Hemlow our specialist in-house team can help maximise your energy savings within your building with our energy consultancy services.

Saving pounds and the planet

Our team of specialists works with you and any retained consultants within your team to establish your energy goals before carrying out an in-depth assessment of your building.

By looking at all aspects of your building, from asset condition and occupancy patterns to lighting and ventilation, we are able to provide you with tangible evidence and detailed figures on how much energy and cost you can save and where you can reduce your CO2 consumption.


Provides energy transparency

EPC Rating

Practical recommendations to improve EPC rating


Reduction of carbon footprint

Our process

1. Initial consultation

We’ll hold an initial consultation at your site where we will work together to establish future energy goals and gain understanding of any current energy wastage. We will also establish any future plans with the building.

2. Establishing occupancy patterns

The next stage is to establish the site working patterns, looking at factors including the general population and quantity of people in the building.

During this stage we will also gain a better understanding of the building’s energy procurement strategy.

3. Data collection & site survey

We will then begin the collection of raw energy data, during which we will identify the building footprint and size.

We will also conduct reviews of your historic utility data, EPC ratings and energy records.

4. Creation of energy report

Our specialist in house-team will then work to create a detailed energy report establishing energy trends and patterns.

This will include a benchmark against a building of a similar size or nature.

5. Recommendations

Within the report we will identify energy improvements and practical recommendations that could potentially boost your EPC rating.

6. Handover

Our technical team will then hand over the report to you and any projects identified will be handed to our transform

Projects identified will be passed onto our operational team so that work can begin to help you transform your building for the better.

More of what we do…

Asset Upgrades

Smart Systems


Get support on making your building more efficient

Email or call us on 0300 373 0569 to see how we can support you.

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