26 October 2022

Hemlow Engineers Lead the Way

Written by Nina Brown

At Hemlow, maintenance isn’t an add-on. Everyone who works here knows maintenance inside out. When putting together an operational team for our clients, we ensure that they have a team that’s exactly right for their building.

Along with inducted site engineers, our clients also benefit from technical expertise from our lead engineers. An integral part of our staff structure, the role of the lead engineer is to maintain site standards, provide technical guidance and lead and inspire our regional engineering teams.

Alongside their technical knowledge, our lead engineers also ensure our clients experience seamless communications, acting as an all-important bridge between our contract managers and engineers. They play a vital role, acting as the eyes and ears on-site and assisting our 24/7 helpdesk to triage calls to the correct place.

By feeding back important information to our contract managers, our lead engineers help ensure that the right decisions are made for your building.

Many of our lead engineers at Hemlow have been promoted to the role from within the company.

Therefore they have stepped into the position with good knowledge of the company, our processes and with a wealth of technical knowledge.

The lead engineer role also acts as a stepping stone into management roles, provided to our employees as part of our Hemlow Scholarship Scheme. The scheme has been developed to be able to offer all Hemlow employees a clear picture of all the career paths available to them within the business. Whether that’s a progression into another role or a change of direction into a new department.

As we continue to grow, so do our promotion opportunities, and we are proud to be able to offer our engineers this chance to progress and reach new levels in their careers.

Plus, with their new uniform, you can now clearly identify our lead engineers onsite!

Let us help you find the right team for your building. Contact us today.

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