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M&E plant replacement and upgrade work are the most important investments you can make in your building. We’ll work with you to make sure that this investment is worthwhile and helps you realise your ambitions for the building.

Asset upgrades

There are different reasons why you might be considering plant replacement or upgrade work, with plant age, lifecycle of the building, energy ratings and cost savings being key drivers.

Energy savings

Boosted energy savings


Improved tenant experience and well being


Return on investment cost savings

Our process

1. Identify equipment that needs upgrading

At the beginning of every contract, we’ll carry out a condition report to identify the equipment that needs upgrading.

2. Equipment replacement plan
We’ll put together an equipment replacement plan or work from your own plan before drawing up costs for any plant replacement needed.
3. Budget and CAPEX

In addition Hemlow can provide capital expenditure (CAPEX) reports focusing on the assets allowed for within the contractual scope.

The CAPEX report will allow you to forecast likely expenditure over a 5 year period in areas includings, compliance, health and safety, repairs and replacements and end of life replacements.

4. Upgrade delivery

We’ll be with you throughout your upgrade journey from concept to completion. It’s about helping you build the best business case for the project and making sure all upgrades support your building strategy.

After completion we’ll provide a maintenance regime for ongoing support.

More of what we do…

Smart Systems

Energy Consultancy


Get support on making your building more efficient

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