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We use technology to create and support smart buildings and have an in-house team of technical experts on hand to advise and deliver the right technology systems for your building.

Smart Systems

It’s more important than ever that buildings adapt to the changing world we live in. The pressure for energy management and monitoring is rising along with the need to future-proof buildings to comply with changing legislation. Our team of technical experts will work with you to get your buildings ready for whatever is next.

Our latest smart system

Our latest digital management platform simPRO offers our clients a seamless experience. With all information stored in one place for utmost convenience, individual client logins provide complete transparency via our digital dashboards and efficient reporting methods.

Real time

With our remote monitoring technology combined with our dedicated in-house team, clients will receive real-time updates


With individual logins our clients can find everything they need in one place and keep up to date with our published dashboards and progress reports


Our paperless approach provides our clients with enhanced security, seamless organisation and a service that is environmentally friendly

Our process

1. Initial consultation

We’ll hold an initial consultation at your site with key people from your team and from ours. Together we will work to identify your technological expectations and goals for both the short and long term.

2. Performance review

Following our initial consultation we will run a performance review to understand how your building operates, looking at factors such as energy trends and occupancy patterns.

3. Identify IOT package

Based on the findings from our review, your expectations and building needs we will be able to recommend which of our multiple IOT packages best suits your requirements.

4. Installation

Once the ideal package has been agreed our engineers will attend site to install the agreed components to any of the necessary areas so that real-time monitoring can begin.

5. Ongoing monitoring & real-time data

Once installed our Technical Helpdesk will be able to begin actively monitoring and triaging any alerts or trends raised by the technology on an ongoing basis.

By providing you with the best technical expertise and real-time data, this minimises any risk and allows you to make informed decisions.

It also provides you with peace of mind that your building is constantly being monitored even when an engineer is not present on site.

More of what we do…

Asset Upgrades

Energy Consultancy


Let’s make your building smarter today.

Email or call us on 0300 373 0569 to see how we can support you.

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