23 November 2021

Driving innovation & sustainability through procurement

It is more important than ever that buildings adapt to the changing world we live in. The pressure for energy management and monitoring is rising along with the need to future-proof buildings to comply with changing legislation. At Hemlow we are also looking to drive innovation in all aspects of our business for both ourselves and our clients, including in our Supply Chain.

Hemlow’s Supply Chain Manager, Josh Poole, discusses the importance of the Supply Chain and the part that innovation plays.

“The Supply Chain is a central hub that supports all of our business functions. For me it’s all about driving innovation and efficiency whilst maintaining service excellence.

With all our partnerships, we consider them an arm of the Hemlow team, working together to add value. Building relationships and sourcing partners who understand our core values is key”.

Josh Poole

Supply Chain Manager , Hemlow

Sustainability & Efficiency

Our environmental impact is of great importance to us at Hemlow. As part of our core work, in line with our CSR Policy, we continually strive to develop our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. Therefore, utilising innovation to improve efficiency within our supply chain is one of our main priorities.

“Technology is a huge emerging trend within the supply chain, and we regularly meet with our suppliers to ensure that we are staying ahead of the curve. We ensure that by working together, the technology we adopt, not only increases productivity, but also provides efficiency, reducing energy usage and our overall environmental impact”.

Josh, Supply Chain Manager, Hemlow 


However, despite technology bringing many benefits to the business it can also bring many challenges. With many face-to-face communications being moved online, relationships within the supply chain are now often being forged in a digital environment.

“Having worked in procurement for many years I would define myself as a people person and thrive off meeting others and building valuable relationships. I don’t see it as just a supply chain, but also as my network.

One of the main challenges I now face in my role is maintaining these relationships, where direct communications have been replaced by digital ones, it is crucial to adapt to this and find new ways to ensure our core values are still portrayed and reciprocated.

Therefore, continued communication is key when building a good collaborative working relationship. When successful, it can be the source to overcoming obstacles and barriers to help reach a compromise or solution”.

Josh Poole – Supply Chain Manager 


Added value

We highly value the partnerships we have built within our supply chain and know that by growing these innovative collaborations, we will grow our sustainability and performance and providing on-going value to our clients. We want to ensure that we are providing our clients with complete service excellence.

Moving forward

As we continue to grow, we are committed to continuing to work with companies who have the desire to grow with us, who share our vision, values and goals. We pride ourselves on supporting local businesses and are excited to create opportunities and form new relationships with local businesses, as we continue to grow into new regions.

To ensure we continue to have sustainability and social responsibility at the core of our supply chain, we will be looking to obtain the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement accreditation in 2022.

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