27 April 2021

Announcing our new Partnership – working together to improve air quality

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Advanced Ion Solutions, to provide AtmosAir’s leading air purification systems. We will be joining forces to deliver an energy efficient and cost-effective solution for air purification of indoor environments.

With the re-opening of office buildings and the return of tenants, it is more important than ever to maximise the quality of air in office buildings. AtmosAir is a proven solution against viruses such as COVID-19, disinfecting the air and surfaces in spaces large and small. Actively improving health and wellness to create healthy workspaces where people can thrive.

AtmosAir, efficiently and cost effectively, removes inhalable particles and pathogens, neutralising contaminants at their source rather than waiting for pollutants to find their way into a filter. This includes viruses, dust, allergens, moulds, VOC’s, odours, airborne and surface bacteria and germs

The system easily integrates into any HVAC system, designed to ensure airflow passes over its bi-polar ionisation tubes and energising the air with positive and negative ions throughout all spaces. The ions are continuously generated and distributed, ensuring continued cleaning and disinfection of pathogens and contaminants.

With AtmosAir, you’ll also get guaranteed Energy Savings without relying on dangerous chemicals or metals, or creating toxic byproducts.

To find out more, contact the team today

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