9 October 2020

We’re moving… and changing!

Written by Emily Evans
The past few months have been strange to say the least. But, amid the crisis, we are delighted to announce more positive news, as we look forward to moving to our new Head Office space in Sevenoaks!
Our recent growth as a company has been huge, and so to support this we have decided that now is the time to upgrade to a bigger and better space. This new office will provide impressive premises for Hemlow as we continue to grow not just in staff number, but in ambition.
Sevenoaks HQ
Sevenoaks HQ

The office is an important tool for our organisation and we hope that anyone at Hemlow looking to remain connected with the company can do so, supporting collaboration and future social activities.

As always, our employee feedback is extremely important, and so we have taken care to redesign the office to align with the information we received from our company-wide survey. This results of this survey has given us some great insights, and we are confident that this inclusive approach to planning will ensure the new space best serves the needs and wants of everyone.

Whilst we prepare for the move and look forward to this new environment, we’re not done with the announcements yet! Our old office space isn’t the only thing we have outgrown. We are also taking a fresh approach to our values, capabilities and identity as a whole, so stay tuned for more information on this.

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