Sotheby's, London

Heritage-sensitive service, client focus, matchless response

15+ buildings

Static Service

14 year contract

4 St George Street, London W1S 2FE

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Sotheby’s portfolio is spread across inner and outer London. The most prestigious flagship buildings and auction rooms are located on Bond Street in the West End. The atmosphere is distinctive and memorable. This is no ordinary contract – it’s a six star client for which Hemlow offers a six star service.

“If you can provide a service here you can provide a service for anyone.”


Services offered

  1. Hemlow’s resident teams are highly skilled, exceptionally well-presented, reliable, discreet – 24/365
  2. Business critical service – humidity control, permanent availability and ability to understand a wide range of equipment and building types are all essential
  3. Customer critical service – always ‘front of house’ Hemlow engineers are ‘visible’ to client’s clients and behave accordingly in suits or uniform
  4. ‘Stand-out’ record-keeping, technical support and ‘hands-on’ senior management come as standard
  5. The client is constantly evolving and Hemlow’s service is adaptable – operating as if we are a ‘family member’: collaboration is key
  6. Asset condition monitoring is at the heart of the engineers’ pro-active, dedicated approach.

The building and the technology

This is a portfolio with both new building types and a relatively large number of ‘listed’ and heritage buildings, in different locations, with a mix of a/c, heating, hot water, humidity and control technologies including complex and service critical lighting regimes.

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