17 December 2020

Carbon Neutral by 2050

Written by Elizabeth Lyon

Following the latest publication of the Ten Point Plan for Green Industrial Revolution, our Key Account Manager, Elizabeth Lyon, provides her thoughts and what it could mean for commercial buildings, along with what we can offer to combat this.

What is going on?

On 18th November 2020, the government published their Ten Point Plan for Green Industrial Revolution. Point 7, which focuses on Greener Buildings, is where we in the facilities industry can make a real impact on achieving carbon reductions. Whilst the current plan focuses on domestic buildings the Heat and Building Strategy, which is to focus on non-domestic buildings, will be released in 2021.

We have previously made assumptions as to what will be included in this document, such as the increase in EPC rating requirement. There has been speculation that the EPC rating could be increased to B by 2030 with some caveats including the retention of the seven year payback test for cost-effectiveness but with the belief that those works currently not cost effective, will be by 2030. But as mentioned, this is all speculation until the Strategy is published next year.

With the looming uncertainty of changing regulations and challenging carbon reduction targets, it is crucial that we are future-proofing buildings now.



What are Hemlow doing?

As part of our refreshed branding we are also launching our Smart Systems and Technical Team, who will work in partnership with our maintenance and projects team to assist in producing and delivering energy strategies to our clients and their buildings.

The key focus for the team will be to ingrate into our ‘Energy Saving Database,’ and produce quotes, project ideas and innovations to improve energy consumption across our client portfolios and buildings which will ultimately reduce carbon consumption.


How are we doing it?

During contract mobilisation our Technical Team attend site to capture the assets, taking note of their age, condition and general state of repair. This information is uploaded in our energy savings database which identifies energy saving opportunities on site based on life cycle information held centrally. The system enables us to provide target led improvements to our clients via a fully automated programme.

The opportunities identified by the system are analysed by our Smart Systems and Technical teams who will then provide costs for asset improvements including plant upgrades, retrofitting or replacement. The ROI and energy reduction will be calculated and fed back to our clients who can make informed decisions of plant improvements. 

Are you interested?

The database is at the end of development and is set to be rolled out across our clients at the beginning of 2021. If you are interested in having an assessment for energy saving opportunities at your building then please contact us at teamhemlow@hemlow.com.


To find out more about our Smart Systems and Technical Team please click here




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