22 November 2022

Hemlow teams up with Octopus Electric Vehicles

Written by Nina Brown

At Hemlow, sustainability is at the heart of our company values and embedded within our core work and business-supporting activities. As we continue to drive towards our goal of becoming net zero by 2030, we are excited to announce our most recent initiative with Octopus Electric Vehicles.

Electric Vehicle

Hemlow has teamed up with Octopus to offer our #TeamHemlow staff benefits around electric vehicle offerings. Our employees are now able to choose a brand new 4-door electric vehicle of their choice, with no upfront costs via the Scheme.



As well as no upfront costs, our staff will benefit from hassle-free payments by paying for the car automatically through their gross salary each month, whilst also benefitting from a number of tax savings.

In addition to a brand-new vehicle, employees will also benefit from home charger installation, charging credits, insurance servicing maintenance as well as breakdown cover and tyres. Plus, the first 4000 miles are free.

At Hemlow we care about both our team and the planet, therefore we are delighted to have signed up to the Octopus Electric Vehicle Scheme.

The salary sacrifice scheme means that we are able to make electric vehicles more affordable to our #TeamHemlow staff and assist them in creating a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves as well as the business.

It’s great to be able to offer such a range of great, hassle-free benefits to our team.

Chris Ward

Managing Director, Hemlow

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