31 May 2023

#TeamHemlow enjoy a night out at the races!

Written by Nina Brown

Earlier this month we treated our #TeamHemlow employees to a well-deserved night at the races!

After being transported to Sandown Park Racecourse by pre-organised taxis it was time for an afternoon/evening of racing and fun to begin.

With the sun shining and our #Teamhemlow employees looking great, having dressed for the occasion, we were excited for the night ahead!

Upon arrival, our employees were taken to our dedicated corporate box where they enjoyed unrivalled views of the course as well as a luxury buffet and complimentary drinks.

Then before the races began it was time for a bit of friendly team rivalry! Our employees were split into three teams, and each given an allocated budget. The aim of the game was to use your budget to bet on each race and the team who brought back the highest winnings would win!

Following a thrilling six races over the course of the evening it was Regional Manager Callum’s team who took home the trophy!

It was great to have the annual race night back and get together with colleagues from all offices! It was also lovely to see lots of new faces from various departments as the company continues to grow, it is an exciting time to be part of #teamhemlow.

Louise Houghton-Campion

Finance Manager

It was a fantastic opportunity to show our appreciation to our employees for all their hard work, socialise with colleagues, and catch up with team members from across all our UK offices and out on the field.

A great night to get together to see old and new friends and colleagues. Well overdue post covid. 

Craig Street

Regional Manager

A fantastic and memorable night enjoyed by all and we are already looking forward to our next team event.

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