12 December 2023

Health and Safety Process Update

Written by Nina Brown

Following Colin’s well-deserved retirement, we have built a brand-new Health and Safety Committee that will represent our business. To ensure effective management, the responsibilities within the committee will be divided among the regional teams. 

Meet the team of representatives below: 

Health and Safety Coordinator: Vince Casamassa ​​​​​​

Region 1: Callum Le Mare (SW): Jack Sanders & Richard Flood

Region 2: Craig Street (Mids): Sam Rees-Boughton & Kam Sandhu

Region 3: Ander Turner (SE): Scott Woods & Mark Rowley

Region 4: Greg O’Reilly (SO): Colin Hill & Rob Wakefield 

Technical Services: Paul Humphreys & Alan Johnson

Projects: Stuart Roberts

Please see a number of relevant documents below: