1 November 2021

Hemlow joins forces with EFORESTS to mark 25th Birthday

Written by Nina Brown

On the 9 September this year Hemlow celebrated a company milestone, 25 years of business! Since being founded in 1996 we’ve been expertly maintaining commercial buildings on contracts that vary in scale and specification.

In that time, we’ve grown from a small team with an ambition to make buildings better to a 130+ person strong company with offices in Sevenoaks, Slough, Birmingham and Manchester. 

As well as hosting a new CPD event series which saw us join our clients and contacts for face-to-face celebrations, we also took action to continue to improve and develop our sustainability.

Positive environmental impact

To mark the occasion, we joined forces with EFORESTS to plant 250 trees across the UK to help offset our carbon footprint.

Planted in a variety of locations, we now have trees planted in woodlands including:


  • Kent
  • Berkshire
  • Midlands

Striving for sustainability



Sustainability is at the heart of Hemlow’s company values and embedded within our CSR Policy, therefore what a better way to celebrate our 25th Birthday than by planting 250 trees! This is one of the many initiatives we are doing to drive our goal to become net carbon zero by 2030.

Elizabeth Lyon

Key Account Manager, Hemlow

At Hemlow we place a huge emphasis on creating a positive environmental impact. As part of our core work and our business supporting activities, we aim to continually develop our environmental initiatives, something that is at the heart of our CSR Policy, embedded throughout the business.

It’s amazing to look back at how far the company has come and the growth we have experienced in the last 25 years, and we are excited to see and share what the next 25+ has to bring!

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