16 June 2022

Greener Workspaces – air quality considerations

Written by Nina Brown

With indoor plant trends still on the rise, it’s not surprising that many office spaces, including ourselves, are now also incorporating more greenery and vegetation into their designs, from statement centrepieces to living plant walls.

As well as providing a pleasing aesthetic, many indoor plant designs also provide multiple benefits, including noise reduction, visual stimulus and in some cases reduce anxiety and stress levels. In addition to this, many studies also suggest that green walls can provide additional health benefits as they act as an air filter and humidifier, reducing health problems caused by pollution.

However, it is important to remember that despite the size of the display, the impact of this would be very minimal, and not enough to replace current air quality improvements, such as more frequent filter changes and the increased supply of fresh air. It is vital that companies continue to ventilate their buildings in line with current legislation.

Find out more about innovative planting design solutions for your workspace and the benefits they can provide to your workforce via Flow Office. Specialists in creating and refurbishing office spaces and work environments, Flow Office are passionate about creating environments that support mental health in the workplace.

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