Technical Support

Making buildings smarter

We use technology to create and support smart buildings and have a dedicated team of tech experts on hand to advise and deliver the right technological solutions for your building.

The pressure for energy management and monitoring is rising along with the need to future-proof buildings to comply with changing legislation. Our team of technical experts will work with you to get your buildings ready for whatever is next.

Condition Reporting

As part of contract mobilisation, we will complete a condition survey undertaken by a member of our dedicated technical team, to assess condition, risk, energy improvements, asset verification and life cycle planning. The survey will verify the assets on site and score these based on their condition and age versus CIBSE life cycle benchmarks and operational status. From here the assets are loaded into our Carbon Reduction database to provide a life cycle report that is sent upon request to assist with budget management.

Capital Expenditure Reports

The benefits of the CAPEX report are to help our clients forecast their likely expenditures over a 5-year period. These reports provide a rating of condition against each building asset and thereafter apply a lifecycle assessment to each asset The reports break down the expenditure into the below 4 areas:

1. Compliance / Legislative
A compliance or legislative spend on is when an asset or
item of plant is in breach of its legislation or technical guidance. For example a Gas Boiler having a hole in the flue would be a breach of the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 and a potential hazard to safety. Or it could be a change in the Gas Safety Regulations and the associated cost impacts.
2. Health and Safety

A site intrinsic risk such as an obvious slip or trip hazard, a live electric cable which is exposed and not correctly insulated, or a roof without edge protection. Likely follow ups and repair expenditure in this time.

3. Operational Repairs / Replacements

Likely repairs or replacements that occur as a result of maintenance or faults. Operational repairs are items such as replacement filters, replacement drive belts, new spark electrodes, seals and gaskets (general consumable items) and the associated costs.

4. End of life Replacements
Items that are deemed to be at end of life according to industry recommendations (CIBSE Guide M.) and general item conditions, likely to have an increased failure rate. We will provide budget costs for replacement plant.

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Building energy performance surveys

Hemlow can provide energy performance surveys focusing on the main building energy consumers.

Our energy performance surveys are split into a desktop and a detailed site review.

Our desktop review identifies the building energy supply types, meter types, occupancy patterns, historical energy usage and expenditure and current EPC and DEC ratings.

We will also review if the client has any energy procurement strategies. We consult with our clients to set SMART goals and desired outcomes, where feasible, for managing energy within their buildings targeting a reduction in energy and costs, Co² emissions and potential improvements on the building’s EPC ratings.

Our technical on-site investigations focus on the use and management of plant and equipment to identify specific energy saving measures. From here our reports aim to identify energy-saving opportunities by defining the practical next steps aligned to a prioritised risk register with the potential carbon reduction possibilities, any impacts on EPC rating, running cost reductions, return on investment calculations for any improvement works.

Let’s make your building smarter today

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