4 November 2020

We’re re-branding!

Written by Emily Evans

Much has changed since our previous re-brand back in 2016. We’ve welcomed many new members to become a strong team of 120, rapidly expanded our coverage in the North and Midlands, and are soon to be moving in to an impressive new Head Office, to name a few.

Following this growth we decided the moment was right to reassess our brand to refresh our identity and, of course, the way that we work with our customers, whilst retaining the important core values that have taken Hemlow to where it is today. So as part of this, we have spent the last few months participating in research, hosting workshops, and engaging with clients and employees to gauge their thoughts on the most appropriate path forward. We’ve discovered a lot about our strengths, been honest with ourselves about a couple of weaknesses, and invested in strategic changes. Our research has proven the importance of smart technology and innovation to continually improve and adapt in an ever changing, competitive and unpredictable world. It is crucial we pursue this positive change whilst keeping to our core capacity in delivering a fantastic service with proactive communication – our people have always been key to this, and this remains true today. Our journey so far has been eye opening, and we would love to take you with us for the final stages. We’ll be launching our new brand on the 30th November, so over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing snippets of our refreshed identity, ready for the grand unveiling at the end of the month. Everyone at Hemlow has played a vital part in the coming changes, and with this new identity we hope to inspire our Team, giving them something we feel they can be deeply proud of. We look forward to sharing this exciting new brand with everyone very soon.

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