12 November 2020

Is there a place for humans in the future of building maintenance?

Written by Emily Evans

In our ever-changing world of innovative technology, it is not surprising that there are some fascinating and exciting design ideas for not just buildings but whole cities in the future. But with automation on the rise, increased optimisation via digitalisation and the incline of workplace robots, is there still a place for humans in the future of maintenance?

The key role of a maintenance engineer is to minimise the possibility of system downtime through planned preventative and emergency maintenance. The engineer is responsible for keeping building operations running through routine inspections, equipment replacement and repairs, data analysis, and recommendations. However, with the likes of AI and IoT disrupting the industry, offering real-time monitoring, remote data collection and lowering the risk of faults or unplanned situations, is there less of a need for engineers on site?

As well as providing time-saving and streamline processes, smart technology often brings the advantage of reducing energy costs and lowering the impact on the environment, therefore a move towards tech-based solutions are often viewed as the cost-efficient and more sustainable alternative. And, with the built environment currently contributing to around “40% of the UK’s carbon footprint”[i], landlords are under more pressure than ever to provide efficient solutions.

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At Hemlow, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and fully embrace the arrival of new technologies that help build a greener, more efficient and safer industry. However we believe the relationship between technology and people will remain a collaborative one, a view that is shared by research and advisory firm, Gartner, who identified “the human touch as the strongest element in AI”[i]
Our focus will always remain on our people, upskilling them in line with industry and technology changes, allowing us to continue to provide our clients with the best possible maintenance solutions. It’s exciting to think what the future of the industry will bring!
[i] Source* Gartner, Newsroom Press Release, November 2018
[i] https://www.ukgbc.org/climate-change/

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