23 December 2020

Thank you for 2020

Written by Chris Ward

It is this time of year that we like to thank our staff and clients for their support and reflect on our achievements.

This year has been difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone globally and bought once in a life time challenges to businesses.

As an essential service provider, we are fortunate to still be operating, and this is due to the tremendous team spirit from our employees.

This is not something that has been easy, and it was very clear early on that there was no manual available to refer to during such an intense period of multiple changes. The reference point for us as a company was our moral stand point:

To look after our staff and clients so that we can come out of the situation in a stronger position.

We have not stood still, ever since March, we have run a hundred miles an hour and carefully invested to transform into the organisation which is now going into 2021. Some of our key achievements have been:

Looking after each other, we have tried our absolute best to look after our staff and our staff have looked after the company. We have not furloughed any staff, guaranteed peoples wages during the most uncertain times and provided pay rises to front line engineering staff.

During a time of heightened anxiety our engineers have been amazing, and our experienced management teams have done a fantastic job remotely mentoring their staff, supporting colleagues and keeping a calm head at all times.

Rolling out technology to the field, all of our engineers now have tablet computers and will be using the Hemlow app which we have developed for paperless reporting by the end of Jan 2021.

Growing our maintenance base, we have won some of our most prestigious buildings this year, mobilised contracts in new cities like Manchester, growing our northern region.

Hiring new talented staff, we have hired 15 new staff across various departments, not just engineers or administrators we have also hired staff for exciting new roles such as technical manager, customer service manager, accounts supervisor or software developer.

Promoting from within, the guarantee from Hemlow is to provide internal promotions and this year has been no different. We have promoted 10, most notably our team of Regional Managers which is now a career path for many of our staff as we continue to grow. This team provides a scalable management structure focused on continual improvement within our operations.

Developing our IT systems, we have changed our IT systems, hardware, support and environment to suit the agile company which we have become, and this is just the start. Our IT development team are constantly looking at ways to use technology to our advantage.

Moving offices, as offices sat empty we were planning larger premises and involving our staff in the fit out to make sure that we had office space to suit behavioural changes. Our new head office is a flag ship hub of ideas, innovation and collaboration with enough space to home all head office staff with appropriate social distancing measures.

Rebranding, we knew that we wanted to come out of 2020 stronger, and our rebrand has been the icing on the cake. We have changed; and our new brand identity shows that we don’t just make buildings work. We make buildings better. We are still a people orientated service provider, but now have enhanced technology, project teams and the intellectual talent to drive change in our clients properties.

So thank you all for your support as we look to 2021 with ambition, optimism and energy. We wish all of our fantastic staff, clients and suppliers the very best for the Christmas period.

Best Wishes, Chris