9 December 2021

Remaining COVID Secure On Site

Written by Linda

Following on from Chris’ memo, this is a reminder of the additional risk assessment that has been put in place to make sure everyone feels comfortable on site, and to help to protect you from getting into any situations that may put you at risk.

Social Distancing

Please take care to use walkways in buildings if provided, and keep your distance from one another. If you are unable to social distance, then please take the appropriate additional safety measures, such as wearing a face mask.

Hand Hygiene

Ensure you are washing your hands regularly throughout the day, for at least 20 seconds, and use hand sanitiser when entering/exiting a site.


Disposable gloves, hand sanitiser and face masks are available for personal use in the workplace, and can be expensed if purchased.

Signing in/out

Please ensure you are following our sign in/sign out procedures, along with any procedures in place for venues and sites. Not only is this important for Health and Safety but will also help to trace any potential outbreaks if they occur.


If you are showing any symptoms, in particular a new, continuous cough, high temperature or a loss of, or change to, sense of smell or taste, then please follow the procedures which are in place.

If you feel there are any points missing that you would like more information on, then please email risk.support@hemlow.com

The Government website is available as a reference point for more information on working safely, however we will be sending further information out via similar memos. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/construction-and-other-outdoor-work

If you feel you are uncomfortable at any time then please do not hesitate to speak to your line manager or Linda Uguz.