25 November 2021

Meet Josh – Supply Chain Manager

First off, I would like to thank you all for welcoming me into the company.

I am extremely excited to be here at Hemlow, and look forward to working with all of you to continue to bring success to Hemlow. I wanted to better introduce myself and give you a better understanding of what my position is here at Hemlow and what I will be doing to support you and the company going forwards.

The Vision

To deliver service excellence by developing local supply chain partnerships and optimising added value, with cost saving strategies.

 I will be driving the supply chain network and expanding this function to cater for future developments in line with company growth.

 Here I have listed out what my focus will be on:

  • Establishing our preferred suppliers and securing agreements with them.
  • Supply Chain Management – Managing our supply chain is critical to getting the service excellence we need going forwards, feedback and communication is essential. I will be monitoring performance, setting targets and goals for our suppliers to achieve the highest standard level of outputs.
  • Driving innovation – Challenging our suppliers and sub-contractors around innovation to bring to our clients, whether it’s cutting edge technology or new methods of practise.
  • Cost reduction and effectiveness – Implement key strategies to drive cost down, this can be achieved in many ways, running tenders is key to driving costs down whilst striving to become more effective.
  • Adding value – Finding opportunities to drive efficiency, consolidating costs and future developments.

I am passionate when it comes to procurement, I relish in the challenges and enjoy making a difference. Ultimately the way I see success, is if your success has a positive impact on your stakeholders, everyone will benefit from the changes.

In my short time here at Hemlow, I have seen an array of opportunities and scope to develop the supply chain, maximising value and developing a supportive network for future developments.

I look forward to working with you all, getting know you all better and working as a team to achieve the goals and aspirations for Hemlow.