23 October 2020

Important IT Changes

Written by Emily Evans

To: All Office Staff
From: Mark Sharpless
Date: 23rd October 2020
Re: Important IT Changes

Our approach to IT is changing and a range of improvements are being implemented to benefit us all.

We are simplifying our equipment. Anyone that accesses the Hemlow server will have one personal computer, be it a laptop or PC.

All IT support will move to our external IT partner, Razor Blue from 30th October 2020.

The following changes will affect anyone who uses IT equipment including mobile phones and IT systems including the engineers APP. 

  • Report IT issues or change requests to the Razor Blue helpdesk 0333 344 5600 or email to ServiceDesk@razorblue.com If your request is not handled in line with Razor Blue’s service levels please escalate to your line manager.
  • New equipment should be requested through bogdan.gruia@hemlow.com for operations staff or mark.sharpless@hemlow.com for head office staff. All equipment used must be configured to Razor Blue’s systems.
  • Return of equipment from leavers must be signed into stock in Slough or Sevenoaks. Bogdan and myself will be responsible for secure storage of stock in Slough and Sevenoaks respectively, but collection of the equipment is the responsibility of the individuals line manager.
  • Laptop users: please don’t leave your laptop in the office when you go home or work elsewhere.
  • PC users: please log off when you go home or work elsewhere. Do not switch the machine off and complete updates through restarting when prompted.


Service level definitions are:

Service levels are:

Thanks in advance for your co-operation,

Mark Sharpless
Technical Support Manager