6 May 2020

Engineers Sign In & Out Procedure

Written by Emily Evans

Before you can sign in and out on the new system, you will need to ensure that you have the Teams app on your phone – this can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

There are many benefits of moving over to this system. Not only will it remind all engineers to sign in and out, but it will ease the Helpdesk of a time consuming job, and allow managers to identify who may need a welfare call if someone hasn’t signed in/out.

The end result for you will mean no more calling in via the phone or email, therefore making life easier for all.

Like any new system, there are potential stumbling blocks that could arise whilst getting you up and running. If you do encounter any issues, please email james.polhill@hemlow.com and we will help you out individually.

We have laid the process out in 5 simple steps below.

*please click on the images if you need to enlarge them

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Teams App and sign in if needed. The login will be your Hemlow email and password.

Once open you should see a button along the bottom saying “Shifts”

If you can’t see this along the bottom, simply swipe up the little line and it will appear.

Step 2

Once in the Shifts Icon you will see your current shifts in blue.

At the top of the screen ensure that it says “Hemlow National” under “Your Shifts”

This page will show your daily working schedule including any pre-booked time off, Bank Holidays etc.

Press the button which says “Time Clock”

Step 3

Once in Time Clock you can now sign in. Simply press and hold the purple circle, (the ‘play’ button) until the timer starts.

You are now signed in for the day, and showing you are at work.

Step 4

At the end of your working day you will need to sign out.

To do this simply press and hold the red ‘stop’ button until the timer stops.

Step 5

Once you have stopped the timer you will be brought to this next screen where you will need to confirm your shift.

Just hit “confirm” and you’re done, you’re now signed out for the day.