5 May 2020

Adapting To Change – Message From Chris

Written by Chris Ward

It’s been an unprecedented couple of months, we have successfully adapted our organisation and working practices to suit a new normal.

Decisions have had to be made on a daily basis to suit changing government guidelines, supporting buildings with fewer tenants to pay the service charge on which we depend.

Everyone in the company has done a great job in adjusting especially our engineers who have adapted the way that they work to stay safe and maintain our contracts. Office staff have merged work and home life together, coping with the inevitable distractions and without the support and social contact of an office environment.

So as the commercial property industry is poised for government restrictions to be slowly lifted, what should we be prepared for as a company?

To adapt again.

Clients will want their HVAC systems to be adjusted again to suit tenanted spaces, with increased fresh air and extraction.

Social distancing will be normal practice and further adaptation will need to be made whilst operating on site and in our offices, as they become occupied.

Cost control and cash collection will be key for our business to weather the financial storm that our economy will experience.

Maintenance contract requirements may change, with the introduction of interim contracts to help existing and new clients recover, or technology led servicing to help working practices and drive energy savings.

Teamwork and efficiency of staff will be essential, breaking down barriers between departments so that we can get the best technical and administrative support from our staff to suit the changing organisation.

Process updates have been forced through circumstance over the last few weeks, and many of the initiatives adopted will can now develop and embed into our organisation in the long term.

Thank you to everyone for your continued dedication to our organisation, we are in a strong position, and ready to quickly move through the gears, as our industry fires back up.