11 March 2020

Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers

Written by Emily Evans

We’re big believers in helping nurture future engineering talent. That’s why we were delighted when our client Northwood Regional UK, suggested we invite a group of 8-year-old schoolchildren to one of our flagship sites, The Blade in Reading, to learn about what keeps big buildings running. Both us and the client thought that a tour of this iconic building would be great way to inspire these children and show what happens on a day-to-day basis.

Resident engineer Mark Nanney led the tour, where children were shown how to problem-solve, pre-empt and manage risks, as well as being taught about the everyday processes involved in the maintenance of the building. They were also given the opportunity to walk along the top of The Blade, which proved to be a thrill for the children.
Chris' triathlon
Chris' triathlon

After their trip, the children created thank you cards. These thoughtful handwritten cards were arranged on a poster in the shape of the Blade itself, which is now proudly displayed in the reception of the building.

A fun day but an informative one too that’s hopefully helped inspire the next generation of engineers.

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