22 March 2021

Hemlow helpdesk – The beating heart of the business

Written by Nina Brown

At Hemlow, we know that great maintenance is not just about technical excellence but proactive communication and fast resolution of issues. We pride ourselves on delivering all three to create high-performing buildings, that drive tenant satisfaction and comply with legislation. To maintain this high standard, we created our own Hemlow helpdesk and compliance teams dedicated to delivering clear communication and excellent customer service.

Headed up by Customer Service Manager, Bogdan Gruia, a natural born problem solver whose passion to deliver excellent client satisfaction is clearly reflected in the team’s process and procedures, says:


“Our main purpose as a team is to ensure that we find a solution to any problems that arise and that everything is done on time and that it is compliant. However, our work goes so far beyond this, the helpdesk is the beating heart of Hemlow.

Having a dedicated in-house team is unique because of the personal touch it provides. Every interaction we have with the clients is more personal and tailored because we know everything about them, we can identify their history and we build a valuable relationship with them over time.”

Bogdan Gruia

Customer Service Manager, Hemlow

And it is not only our external clients and stakeholders who benefit. Bogdan and his team have most recently worked with our internal Contract Managers to put processes into place to help simplify and improve internal communications and efficiency of admin tasks.

hemlow team members talk

By removing time consuming tasks and improving communication it allows our employees to really focus on what is most important, building our customer-centric company culture and giving the client the best possible service.

As a business we believe feedback to be one of our most important tools to help us achieve the best possible customer service. The Helpdesk provides a real benefit in helping us obtain this vital feedback from our clients, as the team are involved in all stages of the customer journey, with the Helpdesk often being the clients first point of interaction with Hemlow. The information they collate helps us to continually improve our processes and service offering.

“The Helpdesk is the beating heart of Hemlow”

Bogdan, Customer Service Manager

Our helpdesk team are available 24/7 and promise to always find a solution to any problem, whatever your needs may be. They are here to listen and ready to assist, so if you have any type of enquiry, don’t hesitate to contact them today. We’re here to help make your buildings work better for you.

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