1 July 2020

Antibody tests for all Hemlow staff

In the early stages of the pandemic, there was much talk of COVID-19 antibody tests being developed to help people understand if they have had the virus, developing a level of immune response to COVID-19 in the future.

Now that these have become available, we felt that the tests would be extremely beneficial for our employees, helping to ease the minds of staff who are unsure if they have already had the virus. Therefore, we have invested in a batch of highly accurate antibody tests, with a huge proportion of the company already opting to have these. These have been extremely popular particularly for employees with underlying health issues, as well as engineers who have still been attending site during lockdown. The test involves a ‘pin prick’ blood test which takes ten minutes, with results provided by email on the same day. The results provide staff with clear details of whether the immune system has produced antibodies in response to having been exposed to the virus. The test is particularly beneficial to asymptomatic people who may unknowingly be carrying the virus. A few of our engineers and operations team who have been completely asymptomatic have actually tested positive for the IgM antibody. This is the Antibody in which you build up in the early stages of the Virus. This has been extremely useful information as it has allowed us to take further precautions for these people. These employees have not only been prompted to self-isolate, but have also then been sent for a full swab test, ensuring that they aren’t currently carrying the virus. As well as enabling peace of mind, providing free testing was also a decision made in addition to the safety measures implemented for our engineers and office staff in the past few months. This has included strict social distancing measures, and a 5 step risk assessment for all attending site, ensuring they are comfortable with the task and can take the appropriate measures to be safe at all times.

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